May 12th, 2010

Stargazer, McLean, Virginia
9,000 S.F.

In the beginning days of the internet, the client envisioned a unique portal for business to business connection. As a start-up company, Stargazer had little to no program of requirements, any organizational culture or hierarchy. The design concept, created during brain storming sessions with the client, literally preceded the program, interpreting the dreams and concepts of the founder into a physical workplace for business.

Once occupied, the interiors themselves became a marketing and recruitment tool and, in reverse of the norm, helped to define the organization.

Incubator space for other startups, conference rooms and a training rooms, using for the first time, web based broadcast, served to place Stargazer at the forefront of the race.

Glass barn doors to facilitate use of small 10’x10’ offices reinforced this new way of thinking of about this business as open, transparent and flexible.

Recent Projects:

HITT Contracting
110,000 S.F.

The Westchester
100,000 S.F.

On the Boards:
Francis C. Hammond Middle School
100,000 S.F.