May 12th, 2010

Fox Television Station, Orlando Florida

Strategy: Renovate an existing station without disruption; accommodate conversion from a single station to a duopoly. The television station wanted to use the conversion of the station from Analog to Digital to open the physical facilities for visitors and staff.

Results: Removing walls and doors and adding glass to demising offices and conference room walls brought the newsroom into the open and into the 21st Century. Re-locating the newsroom update desk to the center of the newsroom allowed the use of the backdrop of the desks and monitors while openings in ceilings gave room for studio lighting. Edit rooms, no longer dark dungeons, now share glass walls with the assignment desk adding to the open feeling of the newsroom.

At the pivot point bisecting operations/sales with the newsroom, an oval glassed in control room affords direction over three stations at the same time. The glass wall continues, undulating through the newsroom in front of the equipment room, and visually connects process with technical support.

Materials and palette where chosen to reflect the colors of the Florida location. Strong accents of blue glass throughout invoke the nearby ocean.

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