HITT Contracting | Fairfax, VA | 110,000 S.F.

May 12th, 2010

Strategy: After 16 years and five expansions, the client was housed in four buildings separated by busy roads, parking lots, or enclosed stairwells — making communication among market sectors difficult.  Yet, the original space concept and design aesthetic still supported their business model, offering a consistent point of reference to influence choices for the new space.

  • Raw steel bases and other details including an I-beam support for the lobby monitor, provide a link to the past headquarters.
  • The color palette and materials echo those in the much loved prior headquarters, yet flow from the strong lobby finishes.  Color, lighting and ceiling changes reinforce a sense of place.
  • Copy centers occupying the corners of the open office areas, limited in the former headquarters to machines and counters are updated to include work tables that can be used for quick meetings.
  • Private offices sizes vary only by architectural constraints. From the co-presidents’ offices to the project managers, all offices have the same layout, level of finish and furniture.

The space plan creates an opportunity to expose the business visually for clients and staff.  Two equal sections housing the work areas are bisected with an open lobby and core. This theme is further supported by:

  • A monumental stair, designed with raw steel, exposed welds and reclaimed oak treads, was placed centrally within the lobby to provide a connection between floors and as an illustration of construction materials.
  • The required platform under the stairs transforms from raw steel into an Anigre, leather and stainless steel bench, providing a wireless workspace or meeting place.
  • The split-face Texas limestone wall provides the backdrop for the stairs with connection details of raw steel and an Anigre chair rail that becomes a table for the client to display awards.
  • Second floor conference rooms expand into the outdoors and material choices echo the colors outside. A training room opens up to a coffee bar and balcony for breakouts.
  • The ‘main street’ connects the glass bid room with a glass-enclosed lunch room.  Video conferencing and digital signage bring technology on par with their client’s offices, making construction more appealing to a generation that grew up clutching a cell phone instead of a hammer.
  • Concrete countertops further reflect the use of building materials used as an interior finish.

The client was also the general contractor on the project. This confluence of construction knowledge and commitment raised the bar for the entire project team.  Coordination of multiple subcontractors’ and vendors’ work became a design statement.  Finally, as an industry leader, the client’s building needed to reflect their core values of sustainability and green construction.

  • The Port Laurent marble floor was created by breaking full slabs on site and mud setting the pieces with epoxy joints, highlighted the high level of field coordination with tricky scheduling, long-range planning and details.
  • Lobby seating is grouped around a reclaimed oak timber coffee table fabricated from steel tubes used during the construction.

This project was recently featured in DCMud

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