Government Headquarters

May 12th, 2010

Government Agency Headquarters
300,000 S.F.

Serve as a subject matter expert (SME) during the SFO (Solicitation for Offer) and POR (Program of Requirements) phases, analyzing the program through test fits and space plans. Generate procurement strategies for teams, bringing to light issues and consequences of the agency’s decisions.

By illustrating several concepts, productive discussions with various departments were able to fix requirements and adjust the POR accordingly. Exploration with different plans identified building constraints helped clarify agency’s goals and objectives. Scaled test fits determined room sizes and potential numbers of, quantifying the POR.

Adjacencies and circulation throughout departments were investigated, discovering new opportunities for communication and quiet work. The hard-line layout of spaces developed was continually challenged to security regulations, determining a clear stacking plan for the 14 floor office building.

Recent Projects:

HITT Contracting
110,000 S.F.

The Westchester
100,000 S.F.

On the Boards:
Francis C. Hammond Middle School
100,000 S.F.