GT Law

May 12th, 2010

GT Law, McLean, Virginia
35,000 S.F.

Strategy: Create an office for a new branch of an established law firm, whose practice would focus primarily on the emerging tech market in Northern Virginia. Our goal was to make their new offices appealing to the technology client and attract attorneys to the new practice.

Results: Oil rubbed bronze, faux painted surfaces, draperies as dividers, and a hand-painted mural illustrating the history of how information travels, communicated that this was not the usual law firm. TV’s and computers in the waiting areas allowed for connectivity, movable partitions, glass garage doors and standup bars on casters created a flexible space able to support fundraisers, receptions and the day-to-day operations of a law firm.

In the only two true corners of the diamonded shaped building open meeting rooms with modern seating gave attorneys a new type of meeting environment that echoed their clients’ way of business. Relaxed, open and comfortable, these meeting areas were reached by 7’ corridors, a practice that stole space from the perimeter office and put it into the corridor. These corridors were wide enough to encourage lawyers to engage in spur of the moment communication without disrupting work performed by assistants, thus further fostering a law firm geared for the technology world.

Recent Projects:

HITT Contracting
110,000 S.F.

The Westchester
100,000 S.F.

On the Boards:
Francis C. Hammond Middle School
100,000 S.F.