National Press Club Broadcast Operations Center

May 12th, 2010

National Press Club Broadcast Operations Center, Washington, DC *
9,000 S.F.

Create a broadcast facility with a studio, control rooms and support spaces, along with an archive library for the National Press Club. Our goal was to design the facility to showcase the building’s potential. The space needed to address the needs of the many dignitaries and celebrities who speak at the club and are interviewed by the news organizations housed in the building.

Results: With slab to slab heights varying from as low as 94” to 13’, the spatial order and plan was determined by available pathways for duct work and cables. The organization of the various ceiling heights, ductwork and lighting became a design feature in this difficult building.

An existing studio at the far end of the facility was updated with new infrastructure and integration. A new production control room overlooking the studio was linked to the equipment room to share visual and audio connection. Eight-foot sliding glass doors entrances to the two rooms give potential clients touring the facility views of the inner workings of the broadcast and the occupants large openings to move equipment.

Locating the Green room and conference room adjacent to the studio and second door afforded a separate and secure entrance, limiting exposure of guests to other activities. A 7’ barn door between the conference room and green room offered flexibility for large entourages or the ability to house multiple parties at the same time.

Sightlines to the windows from the reception area brought in natural light to the interior to expand the sense of space. Warm woods, textured glass and dramatic lighting were used to inform clients of the personality of the operation, referencing materials found upstairs in the Club in a newer contemporary way – still first class and professional.

Used constantly, the facility has expanded the relationship of the Press Club with other broadcast tenants of the building. The space is often shown by the landlord as an example of what can be done in the building. In the Archives, newspapers, articles and other artifacts of press history are safely kept in temperature and humidity controlled storage with lighting provided by fixtures that produce no UV.

*As lead designer, while employed elsewhere.

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